PSG’s Vision is to be the best in providing medical education of international standards and train committed health professionals in achieving “HEALTH FOR ALL”

PSG IMSR with relentless service in medicine holds a special place in the minds of the people. Every year PSG IMSR produces 150 qualified MBBS students, fulfilling the aspirations of many qualified and eligible students to enter the medical field that offers quality health care creating trust and goodwill among people.

Following the landmark Maternal and Child Care Centre launch at Vedapatti, Coimbatore in 1961, PSG Trust opened new vistas in medical education with the launch of “PSG Institute of Medical Sciences & Research“ in September 1985. The same year the Trust celebrated the 60th year of service to society.

The institution, apart from being listed in WHO Directory of World Medical Schools, has been granted recognition by

  • Medical Council of India
  • General Medical Council of UK
  • Sri Lankan Medical Council

Serving the society holds high priority for PSG Medical. This is explained by the active involvement of qualified medical and paramedical personnel, students and staff in:

  • Frequent medical camps and health camps for rural, urban and tribal welfare
  • Tribal welfare camps for the tribes living in remote regions of Nilgiris and Anamalai
  • Active participation in the National Service Scheme