Welcome Note From the Medical Superintendent

Dr. S. KarthikeyanMedical Superintendent,
PSG Hospitals

PSG Hospitals As an institute, we place the greatest emphasis on ethics. What we practice here and bring to our patient is ethical care. Ethics includes right science as well, because bad science is bad ethics. Therefore, is ensuring an ethical approach we take care of science of care as well! We practice State-of-the-Art, evidence-based current care without overburdening the patient with a laundry list of investigations. Our doctors will always discuss with the patient, the treatment options and choose what is right for the given patient. We strive all the time to excel in what we do and the tracking and research mandated by the professional courses we run, make sure that this happens. We place the patient first and foremost and all our activities stern from that single important value. We re-dedicate ourselves to your health care!