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Plastic Surgery

The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery started functioning as a separate department from 1999.The Department of Plastic Surgery has the expertise and the infrastructure to deal with all problems from head to foot in this field.

The Plastic Surgery ward has 20 beds and there is a separate burns ward Burns ICU is attached to the Department of Plastic Surgery and managed by team work. Salient features – daily outpatient services functioning from 8.00am to 4.00pm from Monday to Saturday. Emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Operation theatres are fully equipped for doing major and minor surgeries and emergency surgeries for severe trauma patients.

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Special Clinics

General Plastic and Reconstructive surgery

All type of reconstructions from head to foot mainly diabetic foot ulcer, trophic ulcer – flap cover and V-Y Flap cover, bedsore reconstruction, post carcinoma cheek reconstruction, head and neck cancer reconstruction, post breast removal for cancer and reconstruction, genito urinary reconstruction, non healing ulcer following peripheral vascular disease reconstruction, cutaneous lesions and skin malignancies excision and reconstruction.

Trauma Reconstructive Surgeries

The department plays a key active role in the management of trauma patients. Soft tissue and major reconstruction done in coordination with the trauma team.

Aesthetic – Cosmetic Surgeries

Congenital facial defect, cleft palate and cleft lip and its secondary defect – reconstruction, nevus excision, haemangioma excision, scar revision surgeries, abdominoplasty for obesity and post bariatric surgery and liposuction and excision in gynaecomastia, liposuction – for body contouring, reduction mammoplasty, fat injection, tissue expander techniques, augmentation mammoplasty, hair transplant for male pattern baldness and alopecia, rhinoplasty–nose deformity correction.

Oculoplastic Surgeries

Orbital tumour, eyelid tumour excision defect reconstruction, enucleation and prosthetic correction, blepharoplasties, ptosis correction, ectropion and entropion corrections.

Cranioplastic Surgeries

Scalp, skin tumour excision defects, post traumatic bone and excision skin defects – reconstruction with autogenic and alloplastic techniques.

Faciomaxillary and Reconstructive Surgeries

Post traumatic facial bone fracture fixation and severe faciomaxillary – fracture deformities correction, osteotomic reconstruction for jaw deformities, soft tissue facial injury reconstruction, malocclusion-osteotomic correction, facial palsy corrective surgery, jaw tumour–post surgical defect reconstruction surgeries.

Hand surgeries and Microvascular Surgeries

Industrial crush injury, finger amputations–reimplantation, neurovascular injury – revascularization and reconstruction, carpal, metacarpal and phalangeal fracture fixation, soft tissue defect reconstruction with free flap, nerve graft, tendon transfer and tendon graft. Carpel tunnel syndrome–release, neurolysis, tenolysis procedures with excellent results. Correction of congenital hand anomalies.

Burns Care Unit

There is a dedicated burns ward. Excellent results have been produced, with even 80% deep burns being successfully treated.The department is fully equipped with modern facilities to undertake the reconstructive burns surgeries. The faculty in this department heads the team involved in the rehabilitation of reconstructive burns surgery patients. The burns care team consists of the following – the Department of Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Orthotic Department play an important role in the rehabilitation programme. The post burns sequlae are well managed in our hospital. We are also giving job training, to motivate the patient from their post burns morbidity.


Department of Plastic Surgery Dr.Aruchamy M. Professor and HOD awarded distinguished PSG Alumini Award in the year 2011 for his excellent work in the field of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. He has done a large number of surgeries in a short period. He has designed 3 new flaps for reconstruction of oral commissural defects, Tendoachille’s defect reconstruction and for post auricular flap for external auditory canal reconstruction. The new technique for oral commissural defect reconstruction- bilobed nasolabial flap – was presented the best paper Award in APSICON 2007 at Pune.


  • The department does research work on finger tip injuries – various techniques and its sensory functional outcome
  • Diabetic foot–trophic ulcer excision with V-Y Flap cover and nerve decompression results and outcome
  • Nosocomial infection in burns patient–analyses
  • In future, the department is planning to do various research activities on congenital disorders namely cleft lip and palate, Hand abnormalities and abnormal fibroproliferative scars.


  • Liposuction Machine
  • Microscope
  • Dermatome and mesher – massive burns wound skin grafting
  • Pneumatic Mini drill – for faciomaxillary surgeries and various osteostomies


  • The department participates the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students of physiotheraphy and also trains them in various splints and applications of splint in hand conditions and post burns deformity correction and preventions.
  • The department is involved in trauma and major disaster management with trauma and disaster management team.

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