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Central Sterilization and Supply Department

PSG Hospitals has well equipped modern central sterilization and supply department (CSSD), which caters to the needs of patients and health care workers in the hospital. CSSD is the nerve center of the hospitals which ensure safety to the patients who are undergoing various surgical and non surgical procedures in the hospital. Sterilization is a process by which an article surface or medium is made free from microbes and their products; hence sterilization of surgical instruments and other equipments used on patients should be sterilized so that the patients do not acquire infection.

The cotton, gauze and other dressing materials are also to be sterilized before using on patients. CSSD has facility for cleaning instruments using automated washer (Getinge-Sweden), packing of materials and sterilization by autoclave (Getinge-Sweden & Tuttnauer- Israel). Ethylene oxide plant (Anderson USA) in CSSD is used to sterilize heat sensitive materials. State of the art facility for rapid sterilization of laparoscopes, endoscopes, surgical instruments etc. is provided by Plasma sterilizer (Johnson & Johnson, USA) Separate spaces for long time storage and immediate distribution.of sterilized items are available Biological and chemical indicators are included in every pack of material sterilized, as a quality control measure. There are well designed and executed recall and traceability for all materials sterilized in the eventuality of infection. Well trained nursing staff and technicians provide round the clock CSSD services under the guidance of faculty from department of Microbiology.

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