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Grievance committee

PSGIMSR & Hospitals recognizes the right of employees to seek redress of grievances relating to their employment and has established an open door policy to provide the employees a readily accessible and a prompt way to dispose their grievances (excluding disciplinary issues). All the aggrieved employees will be treated equally irrespective of their designations.

The time frame for the committee to enquire and submit the report to the Management shall not exceed 15 days from the time of the complaint. In case the aggrieved employee is not satisfied with the committee’s decision, he/she can appeal to the Heads of the Institution.

The Management will assess the recommendations submitted by the committee, and recommend a suitable course of action. The misuse of this policy may result in disciplinary action against the person raising the grievance. The grievance can be conveyed by the employee either by calling one of the 13 committee members or by dropping a clear and detailed description of the grievance in the drop box with their name, designation and admission number.

The Grievance committee consists of 12 teaching and non teaching members.

1 Dr. Bhuvaneswari K
Professor – Pharmacology Convener
2 Mr. Kannappanayanar V
Manager – Personnel Secretary
3 Dr. Karthikeyan S
Medical Superintendent Member
4 Dr.Tolstoy R
Professor – Medicine Member
5 Dr. Parvathi S
Professor – Micro Biology Member
6 Ms. Leena J
Professor – College of Nursing Member
7 Dr.Shankar V
Vice Principal-College of Pharmacy Member
8 Ms.Ashraf Y
Professor – College of Physiotherapy Member
9 Dr. Anuratha M D
Nursing Superintendent Member
10 Ms. Nagalakshmi B
Manager – Billing Member
11 Mr. Mani A
Section Incharge – Clinical
12 Mr. Natarajan K
Security Officer Member

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