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  • 12 April, 2024

This workshop was conducted from April 1 – 12th, 2024 at PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research. This workshop was mainly targeted to medical postgraduates to provide them with the knowledge to evaluate and judge applied clinical research and data analysis and give a sufficient scientific and methodological background to actively participate in clinical studies. The main objective of the workshop was to make the postgraduates to understand and be familiar with bio-statistical principles in clinical diagnosis and management and to understand the reports of the medical research done by others. The topics covered include: formulate a concise clinical research question; find and appraise the level of evidence and apply the information to patient care (evidence based medicine); designing questionnaire, validity and reliability of data collection tool, searching literature, different study designs including systematic review and meta-analysis and sampling methods in clinical epidemiology and identify the best type of study to answer clinical research questions; locate and critically appraise original research articles from journals; identify major sources of bias and their likely influence on results and implications in clinical practice; understand and interpret 95% confidence intervals and p values; understand, calculate and interpret prevalence, incidence, relative risk and odds ratio; calculate and interpret sensitivity, specificity; pre- and post-test probability of disease, statistical test, health economics and ethical issues in various epidemiological studies. In addition, hands on training on SPSS and EPIINFO was conducted.
A total of 25 internal and 5 external medical postgraduates, MPH and Biostatistics students attended and got benefitted from this program.
The session feedbacks were: it was a good experience, very well conducted, very useful interactive sessions with group activity, lot of new information, hands on training was very useful, able to clarify all doubts in a friendly manner and in general more than 95 % reported in each session that it was excellent/good.

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