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Departmental Clubs / Student Chapters


AXON a two-day academic conference/Research event is organised by the students at regional kevel. Every year 250 students participate in scientific events like Quiz, Clinico Pathological case discussions, Research paper and poster presentations.

Contact: Mr. Rafi Ahmed , E-mail: axon.psgimsr@gmail.com

Website: https://www.axonpsg.org/

SEVA (Student Endeavour In Voluntary Aid)

One of the most essential qualities of a medical professional in the making is PSGIMSR is empathy. The Institution offers an opportunity for students to develop this human value through the forum called SEVA. SEVA is an acronym for Student Endeavor for Voluntary Aid. Founded by students in the year 2005, the forum functions to support marginalized children, poor patients and other needy children. Students practice more than cheque-book charity. They involve themselves in addressing the emotional needs of these people as well and thereby develop their own understanding of human values as well as relieving the suffering of the less fortunate.


PSG IMSR hosts Cultural Competition, annually. The whole event is organized and managed by students. The final year MBBS students organize the evnt and all the other batches take part and compete for very prestigious trophies. In addition, the event also witnesses acts of charity by students. They invite marginalized kids from various orphanages and give them an opportunity to perform while the students make generous donations to these homes for their welfare. Thus, PSG IMSR provides ample opportunities for its students to develop their holistic personality.


Hey There!

This is where the fun begins. This is where the students and faculties come together to chill. This is where you speak your mind. This is where there’s relentless pursuit and expression of talent. This is where you can be who you want to be. And this is where everything gets absolutely LIT!

The Literary Club aims at not only refining the literary skills of the students but also developing in them logic and curiosity to know more and to instill in them a confidence to speak well.

Visit: https://www.psglitclub.com/

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