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Mentor Mentee Program

At PSG IMSR, we understand that academic journey can sometimes be challenging, and that’s why we have established this comprehensive mentoring system to support the students at every step of the way. Our mentoring system will ensure that the students have the guidance and resources they need to succeed during their time here. This system is designed to foster growth, knowledge sharing, and a strong sense of community within our educational institution. Three tiers of mentoring system is at place at PSG IMSR. These include :

1. Student Mentorship Program:

Our Student Mentorship Program is designed to connect experienced senior students with their junior counterparts, creating a supportive network within our academic environment. The program aims to facilitate open communication, foster personal and academic growth, and enhance the overall experience as a student.

The program is coordinated by the Student Wellness Center. Mentors are a handpicked team of senior students, often referred to as super-seniors. They undergo training in mentorship from student counselors. The primary responsibility of these Student Mentors is to encourage their mentees to share their challenges and offer guidance to help them overcome these obstacles. The Wellness Center organizes Student Mentor-Mentee meetings every three months, encompassing all student batches. Each student mentor is allocated a group of 10 to 20 junior students, and this mentorship program spans the entirety of the first and second years of the MBBS program.

2. The Academic Mentorship Program:

The goal of our Academic Mentorship Program is to ensure that every student has the resources and guidance needed to excel academically. The Academic Mentorship Program, administered at the departmental level, is a dynamic initiative designed to provide personalized support to our students throughout their academic journey. In this program, each group of 10 to 25 students is paired with a dedicated faculty mentor who serves as a beacon throughout their academic journey in that specific subject.

These mentor-mentee pairs engage in regular meetings to assess academic progress, identify strengths, recognise areas for improvement, and collaboratively develop action plans for continued growth and success. The program fosters a nurturing environment where students can openly discuss their challenges and receive expert guidance to overcome them.

3. Holistic Mentorship Programme:

This program is overseen at the institutional level and guided by the Principal. It is a comprehensive initiative designed to provide holistic support and guidance to the students throughout their entire MBBS program journey. In this program, each faculty member from various specialties is assigned the responsibility of mentoring 1-2 students.

It goes beyond academic mentoring, aiming to foster personal growth, offer role models, and provide guidance for life. These mentors serve as a source for inspiration, offering valuable insights, and helping students navigate the challenges of both their academic and personal lives.

This mentor-student relationship has the potential to be a transformative experience, guiding students towards becoming not only successful professionals but also compassionate and resilient individuals ready to face life’s challenges with confidence.

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