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Student Wellness Centre

PSG Student Wellness Center

PSG Student Wellness Center was initiated for improving the psychological well being and spreading the message of the importance of positive mental health among the students of PSGIMS&R. The main focus of the Center is to provide professional guidance for students’ personal and psychological needs in areas such as improving self esteem, motivation for academic involvement, adjustment difficulties, personal and interpersonal difficulties and time management. The Student Wellness Center provides a confidential environment where students can feel free to open up to Student Counsellors regarding any issues for gaining a better understanding about their difficulties as well as finding effective ways for coping and resolving the same. The Student Counsellors work on ethical standards of counselling and are committed towards student’s wellbeing.

Apart from individual counselling sessions, the Student Wellness Center also conducts different programs during various phases of the MBBS course.

Annual Programs for MBBS Students


‘Meet Your Student Counsellor’

At the time of joining, each student will be allotted a Student Counsellor. Each student would be given a time slot for meeting and familiarizing with their Student Counsellor and the Student Wellness Center.

Self Analysis

Session on Self Analysis is taken for the students to help them know and understand themselves, explore their strengths and weaknesses, identify possible changes required in social, academic and personal growth and understand the roles, benefits and barriers of professional psychological counselling

Stress Management

Workshop on ‘Stress Management for Self Enhancement ‘ is conducted to help first year students learn techniques for effectively handling stress in multiple domains. Managing stress builds a positive outlook, with a solution-oriented approach which helps overcoming problems in a better way.


PSG Student Wellness Center organizes Workshop on ‘Emotional Intelligence for Personal and Career Growth’ by external faculty from PSG Institute of Management with the objective of developing Emotional Intelligence competencies among students for improved intrapersonal and interpersonal outcomes.


PSG Student Wellness Center organizes a Workshop series on ‘Life Skills Development for Medical Students’ by external faculty from Global Adjustments Foundation, Chennai to improve the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour on the areas like Self and Expressive Communication, Gender Sensitization, Work Life Integration , Positivity, Calm and Wellness to balance life and career with happiness and success

Other Student Wellness Activities

Student Mentorship Program: The Student Mentors consist of a selected group of super-senior students who are allotted a specified number of Student Mentees. The role of the Student Mentors would be to facilitate their mentees open up regarding their difficulties and provide guidance for the same. Student Mentor- Student Mentee Meets are regularly organized by the Wellness Center once every 3 months for all batches of students

Regular individual Counselling Sessions: Students with attendance shortage and academic difficulties and/or any other behavioural/ emotional issues are referred by the Academic Cell, individual Departments and Faculty for attending mandatory Counselling sessions to help student identify their difficulties help them effectively manage the same.

TeleCounselling services: The Student Wellness Center started ‘Tele Counselling services’ in 2020 during the lockdown period due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to reach out to students who required online psychological counselling. This facility continues and students can avail of these services when required

Group Therapy Sessions: Small group sessions focusing on specified themes are conducted to help students gain a sense of belonging and identify workable solutions for difficulties

Student Events

PSG Student Wellness Center also organizes different events to encourage students to bring out their talents as well as generate awareness and highlight the importance of Mental Health among students. Prize and Certificate will be given to the winners and participation certificate will also be given to others

World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10th ) – Poster Making Competition will be conducted for all batch MBBS students

World Mental Health Day (October 10th ) – Short Video Contest will be conducted for all batch MBBS students

Other Professional activities

EnWOS (Enhancement of Well Being of Staff) Team

The EnWOS team was formed to provide psychological guidance for the non-teaching staff of PSGIMS&R. The EnWOS Team conducts batchwise Stress ManagementSessions and Group Therapy sessions for the Staff

Additional Psychological Counselling services

The Student Counsellors are deputed on rotation basis on Tuesdays and Thursdays for counselling students in PSG Polytechnic and PSG College of Technology

The faculty involved in the PSG Student Wellness Center include Dr. Anuja S. Panicker (Coordinator) and Mrs. S. Vimala, Ms. G. Poornima and Mr. George (Student Counsellors). Students can approach the Center for psychological guidance, which is located near the Central Library, PSGIMSR. Student Counsellors are available from 8.00 am -6.00 pm. Any communication can be directed to: psgstudentwellnesscenter@gmail.com. Contact number: 0422-2570170 (Ext. 5996).

Student Mentors for 2019 MBBS Batch from 2017 MBBS Batch
  • Anandhu Krishna J S
  • Richu R
  • Sooraj Sunil Kumar
  • Vigneshwaran S
  • SrinivasaNithish K
  • Aarthi A
  • AsiyaYumna K V
  • Poorani K
  • Sunu Susan Edathil
  • Naveena Sri L A
Student Mentors for 2020 MBBS Batch from 2018 MBBS Batch
  • Anita Michael
  • Harine D
  • Jeneeta Eliza John
  • RekhaVinaya G
  • ShreyaAtteri
  • Ragavardhini K.S
  • Preetha D
  • Sruti S
  • Aman R Jain
  • Saransh Kumar Agarwal
  • Jithin Philip
  • Srikrishna VR
  • Vikramsundar M
  • Manigandan B
  • Rahul R
  • Vigneshwaran S
Student Mentors for 2021 MBBS Batch from 2019 MBBS Batch
  • Snehalakshmi
  • HariniPrabakar
  • Varshaa K.L
  • Tarunika
  • Sivapriya
  • Janani Sri S
  • Krishna Priya
  • PooranaKumari V
  • Swetha R
  • Deva Bhelwin
  • Parvesh A
  • Deepak
  • Hariharan J
  • NavinPalaniapan
  • PugazhBarathi
  • Ramakilesh

Contact Details

Near Central Library, PSGIMS&R
Timing: 8.00 am -6.00 pm.
EMail ID: studentwellness@psgimsr.ac.in
Contact number: 0422-4345353 (Ext. 5996)
Emergency number: +91 9952173137

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