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Student Awards

At PSGIMSR, we firmly believe in recognising and celebrating the accomplishments of our students. As a testament to our commitment to nurturing excellence, we have instituted a range of awards and prestigious gold medals that are bestowed upon those who display remarkable dedication, exceptional skills and outstanding achievements.

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Students who attain the top rank in their respective subjects during university examinations are awarded medals and certificates as a mark of honour. The ones who achieve the highest overall scores in each phase are also recognised.


Management, faculty and alumni have established several gold medals to incentivise and recognise students achievements. These include

Phase 1 students

Pravin Sai Raam Memorial Gold Medal for Clinical Anatomy.
Professor A Krishnamurti Gold Medal for Anatomy.
Ruckmani Ammal Memorial Gold Medal for Biochemistry.
Justice Ramakrishna Mudaliyar Gold Medal for Physiology.

Phase 2 students

The late Professor Dr. Balaraman Nair Gold Medal for Pathology.
Dr Alice Kuruvilla gold medal for overall Excellence for Pharmacology.
Sri Brindavan Karur Radhakrishnan Memorial Gold Medal for Pathology.

Phase 3 students

Nandakumar Memorial Gold Medal for Medicine.
Prof. V. Hemchander Memorial Gold Medal for surgery.
Leela D Pillai Memorial Gold Medal for Radiology.
Dr.T.Ramamoorthy award is awarded for student’s performance in clinical postings.
Dr. Jayakumar Memorial Gold medal for Orthopedics.
Dr. Shanthi Panicker Memorial Gold Medal for Obs & Gyn.


Best intern award.

Research and Bioethics

Dr Sankaran Memorial Best Student Research Gold Medal for research.
The Saradha Memorial Annual Gold Medal for Bioethics & Medical Humanities.
Dr M Thangavelu Memorial PSG IMSR First Batch Alumni Research grant.


The GRG Memorial Gold Medal for the Best All Rounder.

The G V Memorial Gold Medal for the Best Outgoing Graduate.


J.S.Gold Medal for the best presentation of thesis by post-graduate students.
Prof K Kuruvilla Gold Medal for MD Psychiatry.
Professor K R Shetty memorial Gold Medal for postgraduate student in General Medicine for exemplary commitment to patient care.

These awards are not just symbols of recognition but also instruments for encouragement. By setting a high standard of achievement, an environment is created where each student is encouraged to push their limits, embrace challenges and continuously strive for excellence. During our annual graduation ceremony, these accolades are presented in front of peers, faculty and proud parents with grandeur, adding an extra layer of honour to these achievements. We believe that celebrating success fosters a positive academic atmosphere and inspires everyone to pursue their goals with determination and enthusiasm.

S.No Year Date of Programme Venue of Award Name of Students Academic Department Description of Awards Held by
1 2015 12/20/2015 Gurgaon Dr.Adharsh Kumar M PG General Surgery Won 2nd Prize for Best Poster Award for the title “A Technical Renaissance inapproch to Chronic Pancreatitis ” on 75th Annual Conference ASICON . ASICON 2015
2 2016 1/25/2016 Dr. S Breetha PG Pharmacology Won JS GOLD Medal Award for Best Postgraduate Thesis Presentation On Effect of Momordica Charantia (Bitter Gourd) on Oxidative Stress and Proinflammatory Marker in Metabolic Syndrome using A High Fructose diet induced Rat Model” Library Seminar Hall
3 2016 6/11/2016 Mr. K Srikanth CRRI Won First Place in Quiz Competition on Pediatric Surgery awarded DR VR Ravikumar Gold Medal Award Coimbatore Medical College & Hospitals
4 2016 6/11/2016 Ms. Aishwraya Iyer CRRI Won Third Place in Quiz Competition on Pediatric Surgery awarded DR VR Ravikumar Gold Medal Award Coimbatore Medical College & Hospitals
5 2016 8/7/2016 Coimbatore Dr.Shree Aarthi PG Psychiatry Won the First Place in Psychiatry Quiz Competition TANPSYCON 2016
6 2016 8/21/2016 Bangalore Dr.Shree Aarthi PG Psychiatry Won Third Place in Zonal Round -South Zone of Torrent Young Scholar Award Psychiatry 2016
7 2016 12/10/2016 Chennai Dr. Najma Muhammed PG Respiratory Medicine Won Second Prize in Oral Paper Presentation titled Risk Factors for Pulmonary Hypertension in Patients with Bronchiectasis TAPPCON 2016,Sri Ramachandra University ,Chennai
8 2016 Ms Dharshana Sundar UG Batch 2012 Won Saradha Memorial Annual Gold Medal for Highest Proficiency in Bioethics and Medical Humanities
9 2016 1/30/2016 Dr.Dhivya DTCD Presented Poster Titled “Case Report On Churg-Strauss Syndrome ” at ICAAICON 2015 , 49th National Confrenece of Indian College of Allergy,Asthma and Applied Immunology . ICAAICON 2015
10 2017 1/18/2017 Dr. Menalosani PG Pediatric Surgery Won JS gold Medal Award for best postgraduate Thesis Presentation on “Outcome of Mitrofanoff Channel As a Continent Catheterizable Stoma” Library Seminar Hall

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